TXI provides the highest quality products and services. We partner with our customers to finish all projects in a timely manner with superior results. To facilitate this, we offer unique performance-driven mix designs and a wide range of ancillary products to meet specification requirements and provide additional value to the construction community.

As a vertically integrated company, TXI offers a continuous supply of the highest quality raw materials and the tightest control standards in the industry.

Architectural Concrete

TXI offers specialty concrete with added textures, integral TerraTone colors, patterns and architectural appeal. Application is limited only by the imagination and can include pavements, foundations, sidewalks, walkways, patios, pool decks, reinforced concrete buildings, precast and prestressed concrete, bridges, railway structures, tanks, reservoirs, culverts, water pipe or any other project you wish to differentiate.

High Performance Concretes

10,000+ psi high-strength concretes.
Uses: massive construction such as piers, abutments, large retaining walls, mass dams, precast and prestressed concrete, structural concrete and mat foundations.

Specialty Concrete

Constructed of specialty materials or additives to provide a variety of colors and textures. Architects or engineers are able to design one-of-a kind structures without limitations.

Mass Ready Mixed Concrete

The term “Mass Ready Mixed Concrete” refers to any volume of concrete with dimensions large enough to require special measures to cope with the heat liberated during cement hydration and the resulting thermal stresses.

Mass Lightweight Concrete

This concrete introduces expanded shale and clay (ESC) to the mix design to reduce dead-load weight, facilitate internal curing and increase insulative attributes. ESC enhanced concrete decreases cracking, increases workability and enhances long-term strength.

Pumpable Lightweight Concrete

TXI has skilled experts with more than 30 years of experience in designing pumpable lightweight concrete. It offers all the benefits of mass lightweight concrete in a mix more suitable for pumping equipment.

Specialty Admixtures

Accelerators, Super Plasticizers, Finishing Enhancers, Crack Reducing Fiber Reinforcement and temperature control can be employed during the manufacture process to enhance concrete performance and withstand extreme weather conditions.


TXI produces a variety of grouts and mortars to meet virtually any specification.